Enhancements to SIMPLIFY Probe Repair Program

Enhancements to SIMPLIFY Probe Repair Program


Stockton, CA, January 23, 2020 – Conquest Imaging, a leading provider of ultrasound parts, probes and service today announces its expansion of SIMPLIFY, Conquest Imaging’s transducer repair program, featuring added TEE probe repair capabilities, flat rate repair pricing, and a Mobile Probe Testing program. The entire SIMPLIFY program is overseen by VP of Technical Operations, Bob Broschart, 30-year veteran in the ultrasound industry.

Conquest Imaging, in addition to 3D/4D and standard probe repair, added many transesophageal (TEE) models to their repair capabilities list this month including:

  • GE 6T
  • GE 6VT-D

SIMPLIFY’s new flat rate repair pricing enables same-day repair ordering. With the upfront pricing for minor, major and enhanced repairs, customers can provide payment and receive a return authorization the same day and their exchange or loaner probe the following business day.

“Our onsite Mobile Probe Testing is a revolutionary way of providing true probe management as a service to our customers that will save them tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in their probe spend,” shares Bob Broschart. “We go in, evaluate their entire probe inventory, and assess the state of each probe. Then we begin planning and educating our customer on probe safety, wear-and-tear, and why it matters. We partner with them to raise the quality of their inventory and reduce incidents, damage and replacements through better probe care.” The program includes periodic onsite evaluations and assessments, free training and repair scheduling. As a result, contract customers will experience significant probe spend savings while extending the life of each probe.

This enhancement of probe repair options and services is part of Conquest Imaging’s ongoing effort to strategically improve and expand ultrasound offerings, increasing the level of efficiency, excellence and savings to healthcare facilities and systems. SIMPLIFY continues to deliver free probe evaluations, exchanges, loaners, and straight repairs.

For more information about SIMPLIFY, A Better Probe Repair Program, visit conquestimaging.com.

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Founded in 2000, Conquest Imaging has been leading the reconditioned ultrasound parts and probes industry, offers repair, training, service, and programs that enable healthcare delivery systems of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies, lower cost of ownership and provide reliable patient care. Conquest Imaging’s systems are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Learn more by visiting conquestimaging.com, LinkedIn, Vimeo.com/conquestimaging, Twitter.com/conquestimaging and Facebook.com/conquestimaging or contact 866.900.9404. Conquest Imaging is an MXR Imaging Company.

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