CBET Recertification

Regarding CBET recertification:

According to the 2018 Continuing Practice Journals for CBETs posted on AAMI’s website, the new policy allows those renewing to count our courses as follows toward their required 30 points, 15 of which must be in this Professional Development category:

  • Attending education class @ 1 CEU per hour of attendance
  • Attending in-service (documented), vendor presentation or vendor school @ 1 CEU per hour of attendance
  • Attending a webinar (live or recorded) @ 1 CEU per hour of attendance


This means a single systems course, lasting 2 days, would fulfill the 3 year requirement for the 15-point minimum in the Professional Development category.  A CBET could earn 100% of the 30 points required for recertification from attending 2 of our systems classes or a Boot Camp!


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