Tips and Tricks: January 2017

Tips and Tricks: January 2017

  Ultrasound Tips and Tricks: January 2017


In this installment of Tips and Tricks, we cover GE Logiq E9 backups and software installation. This quick and easy Video shows step by step procedures. Feel free to use our 24/7 tech support for any additional help you may need.

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Maximizine Efficiencies and Saving Money = First Time Fix

NFPA99 Electrical Safety – A Biomed’s Perspective

This 45-minute presentation will educate Biomeds/Clinical Engineers on the importance of performing NFPA 99 electrical safety checks on medical devices across modalities. (More…)

Ultrasound Basics  

This one-hour webinar puts a foundation of information into place for a wide variety of Basic Ultrasound topics. This course is the right starting point if you’re new to the industry. It is also a good introduction to the one-day (More…)

How to Use an Ultrasound Phantom

Verifying image quality is an essential aspect of servicing and maintaining any ultrasound system. Ultrasound Phantoms mimic the acoustic properties of human tissue and provide target structures that allow for the early detection of (More…)

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