Philips CX50

Description The Philips CX50™ is a revolution in portable imaging capabilities equipped with easy and quick ways to produce a quality image. Physicians and imaging … Read more

Philips HD11xe

Description The HD11 XE™ is a complete, digital imaging system that delivers high-definition imaging and ease-of-use in a compact, ergonomic and reliable package. Applications Cardiac, … Read more

Philips iU22™ Ultrasound Machine

Description The Philips iU22™ ultrasound machine Incorporates xMATRIX technology which removes the difficulties associated with adding 3D imaging to any exam. This ultrasound machine can … Read more

Philips iE33™ Ultrasound Machine

Description The Philips iE33™ ultrasound machine is a premium Echocardiography system, designed image quality in both 2D and 3D. The superior quantification and data management … Read more

GE Voluson 730™ Ultrasound Machine

Description In the GE Voluson 730™ ultrasound system, GE™ provides the 3D and 4D imaging, allowing physicians to diagnosis with greater confidence. The GE Voluson … Read more

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