GE LOGIQ E9™ Ultrasound Machine

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GE LOGIQ E9™ Ultrasound Machine


The GE LOGIQ E9™ ultrasound machine is a powerful and versatile ultrasound imaging system. Designed with the assistance of real doctors and ultrasound technicians, the GE LOGIQ E9™ allows you to focus less on operating the ultrasound device and more on delivering the best patient care possible. GE reinvented the wheel with the LOGIQ E9™, creating a brand-new ultrasound system from the ground up by utilizing the latest computer processing, software, and transducer probe technology available. As a result, the GE LOGIQ E9™ ultrasound machine is capable of producing the most outstanding image quality while also greatly increasing the technician’s efficiency. Couple this with its new ergonomic and lightweight transducers, and you have one of the most innovative premium ultrasounds available on the market today.


Breast, Musculoskeletal, Radiology, Urology, Vascular

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