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GE Logiq 9



The GE Logiq 9™ ultrasound machine offers an impressive level of technology for your medical practice needs. The GE Logiq 9™ is excellent for use in OB/GYN offices as well as in general radiology clinics and for use in offices where ultrasounds are needed for vascular and abdominal images. The 17″ high-resolution monitor provides a high quality, easily viewed Surface 3D and 4D images. The GE Logiq 9™ ultrasound machine is also capable of constructing volumetric images, in real-time, via the use of 4D transducers. The Logiq 9 also has a number of additional imaging features including volume calculation, inversion mode, and volume contrast imaging. These features streamline your imaging procedures, optimize image quality, and make it easier to visualize images properly.


Breast, Muskuloskeletal, Obstetrical, Gynecological, Pediatric, Radiology, Urology, Vascular

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