Troubleshooting 'No Power' Issues in Ultrasound Systems

Troubleshooting 'No Power' Issues in Ultrasound Systems

By Conquest Imaging

What exactly does it mean when your customer tells you that their ultrasound system has “no power”?

First, ask the customer, “When you hit the power button does anything happen? Can you hear the system try to come on?” If the answer is yes, “Does it boot to imaging? Does the monitor come on?” If the system starts to boot but there is no video to the monitor, check the monitor.

You can verify if the system is booting to imaging by taking a print with the black and white printer. If the printer prints an image, your “no power” issue is the monitor. If the printer beeps at you, the system is not booting up completely and your “no power” issue is most likely related to the computer in the system.

If you do not have a printer connected to your system, you can connect an external LCD monitor to one of the outputs on the back of the system to verify the system boots completely and goes to imaging.

If your customer indicates the system does not respond at all, this indicates your “no power” issue is, in fact, a power supply issue. If the system has had an over-current or over-voltage failure, sometimes you can unplug the system and let it sit for a few minutes to let the power supply reset – the system will power back up after a reset.  Troubleshoot what probe was being utilized and what else is running in the room, to determine if the power issue was generated internal to the system, or external from the room. Pull the AC input tray out, it is usually located at the bottom of the system and do an ohm check of the fuses, this can be a quick easy resolution to the issue.

Keep in mind, heat can also be a contributing factor with power issues with ultrasound systems. The rooms can be small with minimal air flow. Please advise your customer to put a fan in the room near the rear of the ultrasound system, to increase airflow in order to prevent latent damage to the power supply and other printed circuit boards in the ultrasound system.

This should give you a great head start when you get that call regarding “no power” on an ultrasound system.

If you need further help troubleshooting your ultrasound system, please feel free to call Conquest Imaging for our world-class free technical support at 866-900-9404.

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