Ultrasound Training - Theory or Practical

Ultrasound Training - Theory or Practical

In today’s environment, more organizations than ever are performing their own ultrasound service and maintenance. There are many training programs available in the industry that are offered by Independent Service Organizations and the manufacturer’s as well as documentation to support service personnel.

When looking for a training class or program, what questions should be asked when evaluating the efficacy of the material? The first item examined should be the training materials. This is the foundation for the class and is an indicator of the quality of training you will receive. If you are considering an ISO as a training organization, ensure the materials they utilize are their own. I have seen the materials presented by other organizations and they are nothing more than portions of, or complete OEM service manuals. This is not only showing that the organization does not possess their own knowledge but is potentially violating the intellectual property rights of the OEM. At Conquest Imaging, we build our manuals from the ground up, analyzing and presenting the system from the perspective of service engineers, not design engineers.

Next you will want to examine the structure of the class itself. What is the curriculum? How much real-world information is presented? Is there troubleshooting? Can the students tear the systems apart? What is the student/ instructor/system ratio? What are the instructor’s credentials? Have they ever performed repair or service? What you are looking for is a practical training based upon actual service scenarios, not theory based on design.

Once you vetted an organization to this point, now is the time to ask about support after the training has occurred. Does the organization back up their training with technical support? Typically it takes six to 12 months of hands-on ultrasound service to become proficient during which time you will need regular support. Conquest provides all training attendees a lifetime of free technical support as a way of providing continuing education and acting as a safety net for them in the background. We know what it is like to work in the field and wish to make our student’s jobs easier and their customers happier.

Having the proper training is essential if you are to perform your own ultrasound service so you need to ensure you ask the right questions when seeking a training partner.

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