Servicing GE Ultrasound Systems

Servicing GE Ultrasound Systems


GE currently manufactures well over a dozen ultrasound systems to fit nearly every market and price point imaginable and occupy top billing in some of those markets. One of the reasons is that GE ultrasounds are very service friendly – even if you are not with the OEM.

Back in 2003, I wrote the training manuals for the GE Logiq 9 and Vivid 7 and even though I had been through factory training, I learned much more about the design philosophy of GE engineers through my research and development of these classes. What I found was an inherent simplicity in the hardware and power subsystems of their products coupled with a mechanical design that must have been created by or with service engineers in mind. The ease of access to all major assemblies makes servicing GE products a breeze compared with other manufacturers.

On the software side, guess what? GE includes the complete operating software for all of their systems. It is placed in various parts of the systems, but usually near the Back End Processor. And loading GE software is typically a breeze compared to many other OEMs (Logiq 7 excluded).

Want to run diagnostics or check error logs? Go right ahead. Depending on the model, you select “Service” or find the icon that looks like GE with an old style phone hook on top, select it and then choose “Service Desktop” and you are asked for a login. Choose “External Service” and use “gogems” as the password and you are in (this information has been published by GE so I am not in trouble for sharing). At this point you may view error logs and run diagnostics. For logs, the “System”, “Temperature” and “DC Voltages” logs are most useful. Beware: There can be hundreds or thousands of pages or events here so have the date/time of a service event before you begin. On the Diagnostics side, there are three sections: Acquisition (which is the Front End of the system), I/O Devices (which is mainly the Operator Panel) and Common (which is the Back End Processor or main computer).

One more thing; GE publishes service manuals for most of their system online. You can access these by going to: Choose your Product, Manual Type (service), Classifications (you are limited to Class A) and Status (shift-click and select all) and then search. Check the box of the manual you want, accept the legalese, and download away.

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