What Does MXR's Acquisition of Conquest Mean?

What Does MXR's Acquisition of Conquest Mean?

MXR The Imaging Solution Company

Breakdown of changes brought by MXR acquisition.

On December 31, 2018 MXR The Imaging Solution Company (MXR) announced their acquisition of Conquest Imaging. This acquisition will enhance MXR’s repertoire of offerings in the medical device space, getting them closer to realizing their vision as a company.

As someone who is in the healthcare industry, you might be wondering a more practical question–what does this acquisition mean to Conquest Imaging’s customers?

Rest assured, our customers will experience little change in how they contact us for their ultrasound needs.  Here is the breakdown of who to call for Conquest Imaging’s (now MXR’s) Ultrasound products and services:

  • Parts and Probes:  866-900-9404
  • Probe Repair: 866-900-9404
  • Portable Depot Repair: 866-900-9404
  • System Service:  866-310-0071, Option 1

Service customers will call a different number for service as they will be handled by MXR’s Service Division.  However, ultrasound parts, probes, portables, technical support, and classes will be the same number.  Hospital and dealer customers will still contact Conquest Imaging in the same way to get their ultrasound items ordered or repaired.  The most significant difference is that Conquest Imaging will now be able to offer hospitals MXR’s vast products and capabilities.  Mark Conrad, former owner, has agreed to stay on while Conquest increases the list of modalities they can offer a medical facility such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) in sales, service, and support.

“I am excited to join Merry X-ray’s collection of medical device companies,” stated Mark Conrad, Co-founder of Conquest Imaging.  “I can finally realize my dream of entering into multiple modalities and providing nation-wide service.”

Both MXR and Conquest Imaging have reputations for offering healthcare facilities a viable cost-effective, high-quality alternative to the OEM for medical devices.

“We are thrilled to add Conquests services capabilities to our portfolio of products,” stated Ted J. Sloan, President of Merry X-Ray Corporation in today’s press release. MXR has been around since 1958 and has strategically acquired companies over the last several years to expand their capabilities.

What does this new acquisition immediately bring to Conquest’s customers?

  • Nationwide ultrasound service
  • Additional imaging modalities (i.e. CT, MR) in service, parts and sales
  • Robust inventory of refurbished medical devices for sale

If, as a customer, you have any questions or concerns about this recent acquisition, feel free to contact me at jguerra@conquestimaging.com or our sales team at insidesales@conquestimaging.com.

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