Standard-Fix Parts Reconditioning Process VS. “Harvested Parts"

Standard-Fix Parts Reconditioning Process VS. “Harvested Parts"

In the healthcare industry, everyone is working hard to reduce costs and make smart moves about their ongoing equipment maintenance. Thinking that way just makes good business sense. Making it work takes insights into how the ultrasound parts and equipment world really operates.

Ultrasound replacement parts are available from a wide variety of sources and can vary in cost by as much as 30%, but is price the only differentiator? There are different types or levels of ultrasound parts vendors and they can be categorized by the processes a part goes through prior to shipping. It’s important to understand that many small dealers market lowest-cost parts for a reason.

When parts are heavily promoted based on lowest price, then buyer beware! What you may discover is that many small sellers harvest these ultrasound parts from a few systems in their warehouse just to broker a sale. They don’t test or qualify the actual condition of the part, hence our term “harvested parts,” which truly makes them an unreliable, high-risk purchase at any price.


  1. Harvested (and Untested ) Parts – This is when an ultrasound system is tested as a whole, passes power up or other low level diagnostics and then is disassembled so the parts can be sold individually. This process is very superficial and many intermittent, function-specific and thermal related malfunctions of components are missed.
  2. Refurbished Parts – The next level is when boards are tested and repaired individually. This involves a deeper knowledge of the ultrasound system and electronics engineering. Any defective components found during the testing process are replaced and the board is tested again prior to shipping.
  3. Reconditioned Parts – The highest level process is called Quality Assurance 360°, and is developed by Conquest Imaging, an ISO 9001 Certified company. The process involves fully reconditioning a part to OEM specifications.


The reconditioning process includes an ultrasonic cleaning where a part is submerged in a chemical bath and surrounded by varying frequencies of ultrasonic waves which literally scrub and polish the assembly when the unit is received dirty. Next, we perform a process called the Standard Fix which proactively replaces all high-failure components on circuit boards, power supplies, displays and user interfaces to ensure longevity and allow us to place extended warranties on our parts. Through the integration of years of historical data, we have identified high failure components on these assemblies, and replace before they can fail, ensuring that you systems have maximum uptime.

Studies have shown that an untested harvested part ends up costing more than three times the cost of the original part, so it makes sense to get a high-quality part the first time.


The Search for Credible Sources for Ultrasound Parts, Probes and Equipment

Starts with Common Sense and a Basic Framework for Comparison


Searching for credible sellers can seem like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. The task is difficult, but not impossible. You have to do your homework to truly know how any seller runs their operation and that’s tough when the industry doesn’t enforce any specific standards of compliance. You also have to look deeper than just “price” as the purchasing criteria. It’s good to know that Conquest Imaging is an ISO 9001 Certified company and is recognized in the industry as a provider of quality ultrasound parts and probes.

Below are a few of the high quality parts available through Conquest Imaging. This list of parts is available at these special exchange prices.

“…they are an excellent source of quality and cost effective replacement parts.”

Jose, S., current Conquest customer

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