Identifying the Correct Ultrasound Parts

Identifying the Correct Ultrasound Parts

Identifying the correct parts for your ultrasound system is critical for timely and effective repairs. With the rapid advancement in technology in the ultrasound world, we are seeing more different revisions, assemblies and compatibility issues than ever. So when you need a “power supply” of “LCD panel,” which one do you need?

The first step is to identify the system you have. Frequently, we receive calls for parts, and only the manufacturer is specified. We need a lot more information to effectively assist you. Which model are you working on? Do you know the software level? There are unique ways on each system to identify what software the system is running. Some units display the operating system on the splash screen upon power-up, and others have a setup key where you can access this information.

Knowing the hardware level is critical as well. For example, the Philips iU22 / iE33 platform has seven unique hardware levels (“A” through “G”), and the hardware compatibility through all those platforms is very complex. Another popular system, the Acuson Sequoia, has two major hardware revisions (Phase 1 and Phase 3), and most circuit boards are not compatible between the two.

Of course, the most accurate method of parts identification is to look at the actual part. Now we are looking at disassembling the system and removing the part for examination. You want to ensure the number you are looking at identifies the assembly and not the actual board fabrication number. The board revision is also critical to obtain. Similar or the same part numbers may be in a variety of systems, but only certain revisions will work in certain platforms. This combination of numbers and letters, plus the part description, will ensure you are going to receive the correct part.

When discussing the “right” part, you need to also be discriminating in choosing your parts provider. Has the part been harvested out of a potentially working system, or is it untested and sitting on a shelf? At Conquest Imaging, all parts are reconditioned and have passed our Quality 360 technical and clinical certification, which ensures perfect working order and longevity. We also offer parts identification and technical support as free services to ensure you are ordering the right part for your system.

Ordering the right part and using the right company to assist you goes a long way towards uptime, customer and patient satisfaction and patient care.

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