Troubleshooting the Toshiba Aplio 300/400/500 Ultrasound Systems

Troubleshooting the Toshiba Aplio 300/400/500 Ultrasound Systems

There is a relatively new family of systems in the U.S. ultrasound market from Toshiba called the Aplio 300/400 and 500 that have been gaining popularity rapidly. Unlike previous versions of the Aplio (80, MX XG), these systems are not a continuing evolution of previous platforms, but a brand new design. Here are some basic power troubleshooting and maintenance tips to get you started with supporting these systems.

Let’s focus on the power subsystems. If the system does not fire or fires and then shuts down, the main power unit under the unit is a likely candidate for the cause. There are signal lines going to and from the On/Off momentary switch to the main power unit signaling the system power switch was depressed and then a signal returning indicating the supply is up so you need to verify a solid connection with the cables at the user interface and main power supply. There are also mini breakers (Toshiba calls them protectors) on the rear of the power unit next to the system’s main circuit breaker that can trip. These protectors are in line with OEM devices such as DVRs and printers. Be aware of the voltage selector switch next to them as the system is designed to run on 115VAC as well as 200VAC.

Next, the systems have LED indicators in the front right of the power unit tray (when looking at the system from the front) which indicate fan activity in the front end card rack and cooling fan on the back end power supply, FE (front end power supply or PSA-N) and BE (back end power supply or PSA-D). The indicators are solid during normal operation and blink when a malfunction is detected.

If all lamps are solid and the system still does not fire, the issue is likely the power supply, cable between the power unit and back end or the cable between power unit and ATX/back end power supply. If the FAN led is blinking, check the cable between the power unit and the ATX back end power supply, the rack fan or the ATX power supply.

If the FE light is blinking, check the main air filter, replace the power unit if frequent or replace the PSA-N (front end power supply). If the BE light is blinking, replace the PSA-D (back end power supply) or main power unit. There may be times a front or back end assembly is holding down one of these power supplies so you may have to unload them or reduce the system to minimum configuration levels.

This is just a first glance at these modern systems. For more in-depth information, please call our technical support department at 209-942-2654 with any technical questions.

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