Ultrasound Service Preventative Maintenance Standards

Ultrasound Service Preventative Maintenance Standards

TechNation BioMed Magazine  – In this article, ultrasound preventative maintenance standards and intervals will be addressed. This may seem like a straight-forward topic but, as you will see, can be very confusing.
Let’s begin by looking at what procedures the OEM requires during a PM and at what intervals. Which OEM you may ask? That is the question as the PM procedures and intervals will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Each manufacturer has specific tests and procedures that are recommended to be completed during a PM. The intervals will also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as whether the PM is suggested or mandatory. As an example, General Electric states that for their premier platforms, the Logiq and Vivid E9, which no PM inspections are mandatory and then defers to the customer’s quality assurance program for PM frequency.

So what is the PM frequency of your in-house program? This is often dictated by accreditation organizations such as the American College of Radiology (A.C.R.) which mandates semi-annual PMs on all ultrasound systems within an accredited department. Since there are many departments within a facility that utilize ultrasound (OB, Labor and Delivery, Urology, Cardiology, Vascular, Radiology, Breast Centers etc.), it is imperative that the systems within accredited departments are inspected twice per year using the A.C.R standards and tests.

We recommend using a standard PM procedure that encompasses all the safety and performance tests of the OEMs as well as A.C.R. when performing PMs to eliminate any margin for error and maintain uniformity. Also recommended is performing two PMs per year on all ultrasound systems to ensure safety, performance, reliability, and compliance. These PMs take from one to two hours and will satisfy all accreditation organization’s standards.

Since there is no uniformity in standards from the manufacturers regarding processes and intervals, it is up to you to ensure that your ultrasounds PMs are completed in a timely and thorough manner. You may email: info@conquestimaging.com for an electronic copy of a comprehensive, A.C.R. compliant preventative maintenance document

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