Tips and Tricks- June 2017

In this installment of Tips and Tricks, we cover GE Vivid E9 DICOM setup.This quick and

easy Video shows step by step procedures. Feel free to use our 24/7 tech support for any

additional help you may need.  (866) 900-9404

Troubleshooting Video Cards in the Philips iU22 / iE33

Many technologists and sonographers become frustrated when turning on their systems to

find there is no video on the monitor, or on the touch panel. There are many factors that can

cause this “no video” issue. One of those factors are the video cards. Troubleshooting video

cards in the field is always a challenge because you have to consider all the possibilities and

components in the system. However, there are ways to help narrow down the diagnosis of a

video card failure in the Philips iU22 and iE33 systems…(more)


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