Sequoia Third Party Service Tip

Sequoia Third Party Service Tip

When accessing an Acuson Sequoia card cage, be aware that there is a security system in place that will disable the system unless certain conditions exist:

1. That the “Third Party Service” option is labeled “Permanent” in the “Feature Control” menu

2. The system is at or above revision 7.2 software and is a Phase 3 hardware system. The easiest way to identify a Phase 3 system is the absence of an RJ45 (network) connector in the top-left area inside the rear panel where all the input/output connectors reside (all systems have an RJ45 connector on the exterior just below the handle in the rear). If you see an RJ45 connector inside, the system is a Phase 1.

3. If these either of these conditions are not met, you must contact Siemens for the “Third Party Service” option code. No special access is needed to install the code/option so please contact Conquest Imaging for assistance.

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