Sequoia Network

Loss of network communication or structured reports on Sequoia systems is very common. This problem can be easily fixed by reloading the customer’s configuration file from the backup disk. If that does not fix the problem, the solution takes a little more work.

  1. Pint their current network settings (found in the Service User Interface (SUI) Network Menu).
  2. Go to the SUI main screen and select Data Reset Button.
  3. Select Network Date and complete a data reset. This will completely remove all network data and generate a network error message during reboot.
  4. Go back into the Network menu, in SUI, using the printouts, manually rebuild the network.

Manually rebuilding the network can be a bit tricky, so do no hesitate to contact Conquest Imaging’s 24/7 technical support line for assistance. Once you complete the network setup, reboot the system and your network will work as advertised.


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