Time Management Tips for Sonographers

Time Management Tips for Sonographers

Time Management Tips for Sonographers

The medical field is a fast-paced, high-pressure work environment. No matter where you fall within the field, chances are your time is in high demand. Sonographers, specifically, know just how many patients require their services every day. On top of meeting with patients, they also need to complete paperwork, confer with colleagues and doctors, and make time for emergency room patients. This demanding line of work has many sonographers traveling all-around a hospital or medical facility. So, how do they cope and manage their time to get it all done? We provide some industry-specific time management tips for sonographers.

Prepare for the Day

Organization is a key element of time management. As such, starting your day with a plan of attack will help you achieve peak efficiency. When possible, show up for your shift early so you can stock all the necessary supplies and instruments. Take that extra time to make sure all the equipment is working properly and ready to go. If you know your schedule of patients for the day, get their charts in order and review them. A quick patient review will tell you if they have special needs to accommodate. A bit of preparation will keep you from running around later on.

Avoid Distractions

Unless you are waiting on an important call, put your phone or devices away. Get rid of anything that may distract you throughout the day. Tablets and devices steal time from us that we would rather spend getting work done. Another technique is to check your email first thing in the morning and then once or twice more during the day. The minutes we lose constantly checking our inbox can quickly start to add up. 

Focus on the Task at Hand

Many individuals struggle to multitask and it is not an effective strategy. When you try to do too much, everything suffers. For example, if you’re in the process of conducting a linear probe ultrasound, don’t attempt to fill out forms at the same time. The patient deserves your full attention. Focus on what you are doing and do it well—one thing at a time.

Take Care of You

Medical professionals can become so focused on patient care that they forget to take care of themselves. Don’t skip breaks and lunch to get everything done. That time is vital for refreshing your mental health and physical health. Skipping breaks will only lead you to feel rundown and eventually burn out. Stay hydrated, fed, and well-rested so you can perform at a high-level day after day.

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