Replacing vs. Repairing Your Ultrasound Probes

Replacing vs. Repairing Your Ultrasound Probes

Replacing vs. Repairing Your Ultrasound Probes

When your probe experiences problems the first thing you always have to ask is, “Do I consider replacement or repair?” In this guide, we’ll outline the benefits of replacing vs. repairing your ultrasound probes, and some of the common issues that require immediate attention.

Are your ultrasound probes malfunctioning? These four common problems are signs of a faulty probe.

Dropout or Dead Areas

Dropouts are usually an indication of two things: dead elements in the array or a defective cable. Additionally, with today’s more electronically driven probes, it can be an electrical component issue.

These issues can affect a physician’s ability to conclude a reliable diagnosis. When left unmanaged, they tend to worsen over time.

Cable Damage

Cuts and tears in the cables are common, but when cables sustain significant damage, electrocution becomes a potential risk.

Any damage to the cable should be repaired or replaced if severe. There is a real possibility of harm to the user or patient if left unattended.

Damages To Lenses/Strain Reliefs

The lens of the probe and the strain relief are integral parts of an ultrasound probe. Holes, tears, de-lamination of the lens, tears, and cuts in the strain relief can all cause problems for the user.

Fixing these issues is a minor level repair and can restore your probe to proper functionality while also costing you less money.

Replacing vs. Repairing

The answer to either repair or replacement of a probe centers on a couple things. Can the probe be repaired? Is my probe so damaged that the cost of repair is almost the cost of the replacement?

It is always better to repair your probe if possible. The reason is simple. You know the history of your probe. How many studies are performed with this probe? What the environment of the probe is. How long have we owned it, etc?

Replacement probes are generally refurbished or used. The probe you receive in a replacement case is unknown to you. How old is it? What was its usage and environment?

Sometimes a probe simply has to be replaced. Either there are no repair capabilities on the market or the probe is so damaged that the cost becomes prohibitive to repair. As long as a qualified vendor is used most replacement probes will work fine.

Repair will always be the lowest cost option and should be considered first when possible.

If you’re uncertain, have your probes evaluated by a professional. They will evaluate the symptoms, determine the extent of damage, and depending on the circumstance, recommend either replacement or repair.

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