Ultrasound-Next MXR Imaging Platinum Certified Pre-Owned Offering

Ultrasound-Next MXR Imaging Platinum Certified Pre-Owned Offering

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – December 08, 2020 – MXR Imaging, Inc., the largest independent leader of imaging sales and service in the U.S., announced the next offering under their PLATINUM CERTIFIEDTM Pre-Owned brand of products, PLATINUM CERTIFEDTM Ultrasound. Under the Platinum program, all products undergo a documented process that includes extensive testing and replacement of parts and components of pre-owned diagnostic medical products.

For years, MXR Imaging has been successfully selling GE, Philips, Siemens, and Sonosite systems as Certified Pre-Owned Ultrasound, both portable and cart-based units. Under the recently launched PLATINUM CERTIFIEDTM brand, these Ultrasound systems will now adhere to standards set by MXR’s ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system and includes parts and labor warranty.

Key requirements for certifying pre-owned ultrasound units under the program include a multi-point refurbishment checklist to bring the equipment to “as new” status.

  • Cosmetic: Sanding, repainting of any worn external covers to bring the external unit back to “as new” condition with complete decontamination
  • Mechanical: Replacement of keyboards, buttons and knobs
  • Components/Electronics: Replacement of worn internal components including computer boards
  • Quality Assurance: Full inspection, evaluation of systems and sub-systems to identify and replace high failure parts

“Many of our customers enjoy the economic advantages of owning an MXR Platinum CertifiedTM Ultrasound for two reasons:,” stated Lynn Kaplan, Vice President – Ultrasound Division & QA/RA, “1) they lowered their cost of ownership without risk to the patient or dependability of the technology or 2) they were able to upgrade their imaging capabilities by choosing a pre-owned model with more functionality and features than their budget would have allowed if they had chosen a new system.”

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MXR Imaging, Inc. is the largest independent distributor of imaging sales and service in the U.S. MXR provides a wide variety of new imaging equipment, reconditioned imaging equipment, service support, parts, training, and radiology consumable and durable goods to the healthcare market. MXR possesses an extensive imaging portfolio which includes: CT, MRI, PET/CT Ultrasound, and General Radiology Imaging equipment. Learn more on mxrimaging.com.

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