New Sonosite Training Classes Available

New Sonosite Training Classes Available

 2018 Training Catalog

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Technology is paramount in today’s healthcare market, and BMETs play a vital role in patient care through the inspection, maintenance and repair of medical devices. As healthcare becomes more complex, healthcare technology professionals seek certification as a way of demonstrating their accomplishments, mastery of skills, and experience in core competencies.

AAMI Continuing Education Units

ACI Certification for the Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET) is a formal recognition by the AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) that individuals have demonstrated excellence in theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the principles of biomedical equipment technology. The AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI) awards certification credentials to healthcare technology professionals and entities in higher education, industry, and healthcare delivery.

Hands-On Classroom Training

We’ve dedicated a large portion of our corporate headquarters as an Ultrasound training facility to ensure you experience the right environment for learning. If your budget doesn’t allow for travel, ask about our on-the-spot training courses that   sends the instructor to you.


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