Conquest Imaging Makes Improvements to Connect with New Customers  

Stockton, CA, September 13, 2017 – Conquest Imaging, a national leader in ultrasound parts and probes, today announced the latest compliments to their ultrasound probe repair program, SIMPLIFYTM. New customers will receive their first probe repair at 50% off and lowered Transparent Pricing on probe repair and exchanges.

The SIMPLIFYTM program, launched in July of this year, was created to offer healthcare delivery systems, an alternative to costly, complicated transducer repair services.  By providing a no-obligation, free probe evaluation for standard and specialty probes, Conquest could save a facility $150 per evaluation.  Additionally, the program can reduce the decision process by days and even weeks by employing a Transparent Pricing model where a customer can request a price sheet for repair and exchange based on their specific probe inventory.  Conquest’s Transparent Pricing allows a healthcare facility to project their spend based on their probe failure history and SIMPLIFY’s current pricing.  Conquest Imaging lowered pricing today on 19 of the 20 or so probes listed on their website at www.proberepairs.com.

“We’ve been successfully managing probe repair for several years for our customers.  We quote lower-level as well as higher-level repairs and find that most probes are repairable, about 78%,” stated President and Co-Founder, Mark Conrad.  “With a 6-month warranty on standard probes and a failure rate of less than 2%, our probe repair customers come back again and again. I am proud to offer this alternative.  We believe by lowering prices, offering 50% off and charging no evaluation fee that hospitals will give our probe repair a try and find out how simple and cost-effective probe repair can be.”

As of today, SIMPLIFYTM – A Better Program Repair Program – includes the following:

    • Lowered Transparent Pricing for Standard, Specialty and TEE probes
    • 50% Off First Probe Repair (Standard and Specialty probes) for medical facilities that have not purchased repair in 2017
    • Program Options, Outright, Exchange, Loaner, and Straight Repair
    • 6-Month Warranty on Standard probes
    • Free Probe Evaluations on Standard and Specialty probes

Conquest Imaging has witnessed consistent and sustained retention of their probe repair customers due to the lower cost of ownership experienced.  Improvements were made to significantly reduce any risk on a healthcare facility to explore SIMPLIFYTM as their ultrasound probe solution.

About Conquest Imaging

Founded in 2000, Conquest Imaging has been leading the reconditioned ultrasound parts and probes industry, offering training, expertise and programs that enable healthcare delivery systems of all sizes to achieve greater efficiencies, lower cost of ownership and more reliable patient care.  What sets Conquest apart is their Quality Assurance 360 Process, bringing longer warranties and lower failure rates.  Conquest Imaging’s systems are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Learn more by visiting conquestimaging.com, LinkedIn, Vimeo.com/conquestimaging, and Facebook.com/conquestimaging or contact 866.900.9404.




Contact:  Jacqueline Guerra, Marketing Communications Manager

209-942-2654, jguerra@conquestimaging.com

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