COVID Relief

Supporting Clinical Engineering through COVID-19

This COVID 19 public health pandemic has everyone hyper-focused on safety and continuity of patient care. I was in a recent meeting where it was “all hands on deck” for department managers at Conquest Imaging to come up with ways to respond to recent questions and concerns from clinical engineering departments.  Everyone in the virtual meeting room agreed and understood whatever stress we might be feeling, it is nothing in comparison to the stress of those working on the front lines of the health care system. The objective was to determine ways to somehow ease the burden of those working tirelessly to support this public health challenge and assure continuity of care.

Virtual Training

In response to Clinical Engineering Directors asking for online alternatives to train their staff, we are taking most popular course topic on our training calendar and providing it for FREE to clinical engineers. Due to safety precautions and Shelter-in-Place orders we were forced to cancel all ‘classroom setting’ courses.  While we are building out the rest of our calendar, the Training Department is offering this course free of charge.  Sign up here.

  • Philips EPIQ 5/7

Triage & Point of Care Support

The need for portable and handheld devices is increasing with new triage protocols driving the erection of triage tents and the conversion of buildings into medical facilities. Our Product Development/Purchasing team is adding ultrasound technology in support of the POCUS Point-of-Care Ultrasound community.  Request portable units and POCUS device availability here.

Parts & Service Availability Continued

A recent survey of clinical engineers revealed parts availability and medical equipment serviceability as a shared concern by medical facilities across the nation.  Our Parts Department and our Service Division wanted to assure clinical engineers everywhere that unlike some companies, we do not foresee decreased staffing or an unavailability in ultrasound parts.  Our Technical and Customer Support teams will continue to make parts identification and availability easy for you. Request parts or service here.

Free Probe Checkups

Even our Indiana Probe Repair and Portable System repair teams have jumped on board and developed a Free Probe Check up for medical facilities.  With the cancellation of elective surgeries and other non-life-threatening procedures, departments may have defective probes in limited use. By sending in at least 5 probes, you can save 15% in technical repair. The free service includes:

  • Free shipping – we will send you a box(es) with pre-paid return air bill
  • Free probe evaluation
  • Free cosmetic tasks including: cable whitening, locking knob repair, ID tag replacement, housing reseal, strain relief tear repair, knob tightening, connector touchup

COVID Supplies Page

As part of being an MXR Imaging Company, I was happy to find out that the MXR supplies and consumables portion of the company has created a special COVID-19 products page where healthcare professionals can obtain those supplies like probe sheaths, gowns, and disinfectants.  We have chosen only those items where we are confident there is ample inventory to fulfill orders.

Although this small list of answers and services created by the team at Conquest has already been well-received by a few clinical engineering departments, we realize that this will not be the last time we will think about the pains felt by the front line or how to impact their ability to continue to care for the patients and families affected.  We hope to continue to streamline similar services and deliver well-intentioned solutions as we all rise to meet the challenges we face ahead.

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