Best in Class Ultrasound Maintenance Training Programs Rising to a New Level

Best in Class Ultrasound Maintenance Training Programs Rising to a New Level

Stockton, CA, February 23 – The national leader for training programs in ultrasound maintenance and operations, Conquest Imaging, is taking its best-in-class offerings to a new level. Company founder and President, Mark Conrad, announces that the company is investing upwards of $100,000 in its Stockton, California training facility. These investments will include current technology tools that address how we learn today, and will make it easier for participants to incorporate their learnings into their existing digital assets.

Training Program Enhancements include.

  • New Interactive Touch panel whiteboard
  • Tablets/smart phones that allow students to interact with presentation
  • New dedicated printer that produces high quality manuals and supplements
  • New state of the art systems – GE Voluson E10, Aplio 500
  • New updated manuals with videos when viewed electronically

“Our philosophy is that when we train people how to service and maintain their ultrasound equipment, we are furthering our entire industry through better and more reliable performance, and improved access to services for patients, said Jim Rickner, Global Training Director for Conquest Imaging. “This is why investing in training facility improvements is one of our top priorities and will continue to be so.”

Conquest’s programs are highly interactive, which helps students learn by “doing” vs. “listening.” Each participant receives a digital tablet with the course curriculum so that they can interact with the course material and instructor in ways that are memorable and actionable and fully customized for their needs. Hands-on instruction with actual Toshiba, GE, Philips and Siemens systems in the classroom is an essential component to every training course offered.

Rickner is a highly sought after training expert industry wide and speaker at national events covering imaging and medical instrumentation. He has been leading Conquest’s training programs for the past 11 years.

For more information about training courses, Conquest Imaging’s courses and facility, and customized on-site programs, visit or call 866.900.9404.

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