How to Keep Ultrasound Records Organized

How to Keep Ultrasound Records Organized

How to Keep Ultrasound Records Organized

One of the biggest challenges in the healthcare field is keeping and organizing data. Patient records are generated every day, and that new information must be stored and accessible. The volume alone makes it a continuing problem. So much so that an entire industry has grown that only handles and records patient data. Medical information is protected information and must be secured so it doesn’t become public knowledge. Sonographers have (literally) inside information on their patients. They perform ultrasound exams that create images of the internal organs and systems of patients and record the exam. Sonograms must always be kept organized and accessible so doctors can reference them at a moment’s notice. Here’s how to keep ultrasound records organized and stored properly.

Stay Digital Whenever Possible

Increasingly, data storage is going digital. Businesses, not just hospitals, all over the world are going digital and chucking the paper. Storing paper files is cumbersome, takes up space, and is hard to access. Digital files are always organized and easy to find with a simple search. All patient files are storable on a single server, centrally located. The need for five-inch-thick patient files is over.

Verify All Information

All ultrasound images should have the patient identification, date of exam, and the hospital identification or name on it. Make sure all of that is there before saving the file or storing it in the file cabinet. Any relevant patient information should be verified every time to ensure accuracy.

Follow Established Guidelines

The easiest way to keep ultrasound records organized is to follow the rules. Every clinic or hospital has its own way of filing or saving patient files. Always follow those rules to the letter. There are several different ways to classify data, so make sure you’re doing it the same way each time. It is easy to lose a file by sticking it somewhere it shouldn’t be or coding it wrong. That happens in an instant, but it will take much longer to locate the missing information.

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