HELP! My Images Won't Send to the Server

HELP! My Images Won't Send to the Server

Author:  Mike Davis, Technical Support Specialist, Conquest Imaging

At least once a week I am asked to resolve an issue where an ultrasound system will not save images. Most users are trying to save the images to another system or on the system itself. These requests usually come after a system has be moved to a new location or office, and after the necessary changes were made to the DICOM. The following questions are common in these instances.

Why does the happen?

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

All I did was change one thing. That should not have caused the issue, right?

Changing the DICOM settings, while usually very simple, does require the technician to be properly prepared. Talking to either the IT department or the network administrator is the best place to start. Gathering all the required information is a requirement when working with DICOM settings.  One missing piece of information can ruin your whole day.

Here are the minimum required pieces of information you want to have from the IT department when changing the DICOM settings on your ultrasound.

  • The system’s TCP/IP address including gateway (not always required), the system’s name and the systems AE title.
  • The storage server’s TCP/IP address, port, AE title and the directory all the files are stored to.
  • The worklist TCP/IP address, port and AE title.

You may also need to give the IT department the MAC address of the system. Many hospitals use this as a security measure to protect the patient’s data.

With these pieces of information, you should have no problems connecting the ultrasound to a DICOM server.

As always fell free to contact us for any help.

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