Different Types of Ultrasound Machines

Different Types of Ultrasound Machines

Different Types of Ultrasound Machines

At MXR The Imaging Solution Company, our continuous goal is to meet the needs of hospitals, clinics, and medical professionals everywhere. We sell and service a wide range of ultrasound machines and equipment, so doctors can diagnose and treat patients. You’ll find that we offer ultrasound devices suitable for applications such as abdominal, cardiac, musculoskeletal, vascular, thyroid, transcranial, venous, and obstetrical imaging procedures.

We have General Electric, Siemens, and Philips ultrasound machines for sale. In our catalog of products and services, you’ll find we have many different types of ultrasound machines. The GE ultrasound systems that we carry include various models from the Logiq sonography machine line, as well as select Vivid and Voluson models. Not only do we sell the best equipment around, you can always find replacement parts for any of our available systems, service and maintenance packages, and training courses. Below, you’ll find a few of the ultrasound machines we offer.

Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512

The Siemens Acuson Sequoia 512 ultrasound system has a unique four-cornerstone platform. This gives it a combination of unsurpassed clinical performance and diagnostic confidence in both radiology and echocardiography. The high-end machine takes coherent imaging and pulse formation to change the way information is received and processed.

Siemens S2000/SC2000

The Acuson S2000 and SC2000 are the premium offerings from Siemens. They can handle various applications, from abdominal and vascular to OB/GYN and more. This ultra-advanced system offers 2D, 3D, and 4D imaging, as well as Doppler mode imaging. It comes complete with a 19” flat panel display and intuitive user interface to deliver high-quality, easy-to-read images.

Philips CX50

The CX50 is Philips’ entry into the portable imaging space. This device marks a revolution in portable imaging that can produce quality images quickly. Imaging techs and doctors will enjoy the ability to mount it in a patient’s room, carry it from place to place, or put it on a hand cart. Small and durable, the CX50 has premium stress imaging Echo Navigator technology.

Philips Epiq 7 Ultrasound Machine

The Philips Epiq 7 ultrasound machine boasts the most powerful structure in ultrasound imaging. It has the highest image quality, color sensitivity, and overall features available, which includes 4D imaging. The platform operates on the new xMATRIX probes for excellent images every time.

Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine

The Philips iE33 ultrasound is a premium echocardiography machine. Designed with an eye toward image quality, the iE33 has the capability to produce precise and clear 2D and 3D images. The exceptional data management and quantification tools allow the technician to analyze cardiac structures, function, and flow much easier than previous models.

Philips iU22 Ultrasound Machine

The Philips iU22 ultrasound machine utilizes xMATRIX technology that eliminates the difficulties associated with adding 3D imaging to an exam. It can perform both 2D and 3D volume imaging with ease. One button volume imaging has many practical benefits, such as increased information with added tissue definition and reduced exam time. It allows the tech to operate the machine with one hand and the probe with the other.

GE Voluson 730 Ultrasound Machine

The GE Voluson 730 is the gold standard for obstetrical imaging. It provides both 3D and 4D imaging that allows the tech or doctor to diagnose the patient with greater confidence. The superior imaging can detect small abnormalities that another machine might miss. The high detection level helps the doctor implement intervention procedures sooner, and it saves lives as a result.

GE Vivid 7

The GE Vivid 7 ultrasound is a powerful vascular and cardiac system. It takes efficiency and reliability to another level. Emergency room doctors rely on this kind of machine to help diagnose patients with chest pains. The excellent image quality, paired with unique quantification technology and innovative image management, make this machine a pillar in the cardiac community.

GE Logiq P5

The GE Logiq P5 is a dual threat. It offers the same systems and quality of a much larger ultrasound machine, but it’s completely portable. It’s perfect for every type of medical facility, from small private practices and clinics to large, multi-campus hospitals. It’s half the size traditional console-based systems and easy to use, making it useful just about anywhere.

GE Logiq E

One of our most popular portable ultrasound systems is the Logiq E. This ultrasound system provides high-end imaging capabilities, but in a mid-range, more affordable system. It employs a full range of broadband transducers, which includes options. It has shared services capabilities, and it’s practically the only portable ultrasound in its class that has exceptional image quality across all applications. The Logiq E is suitable for abdomen, breast, emergency medicine, endovaginally, general imaging, general radiology, gynecology, musculoskeletal, obstetrics, orthopedic, peripheral vascular, and vascular applications.

GE Logiq 9

The GE Logiq 9 ultrasound system offers a high level of technology for your small medical practice. It’s excellent for use in OB/GYN offices and in general radiology clinics. The Logiq 9 offers an ideal solution for offices where ultrasounds are needed for abdominal and vascular images. It boasts a high-resolution monitor that provides a high-quality, easily viewed image, and it can create 3D and 4D images. It’s perfect for applications such as breast, musculoskeletal, obstetrical, gynecological, pediatric, radiology, urology, and vascular.

GE Logiq 5

The GE Logiq 5 is a solid mid-range ultrasound system. Dependable performance and quality imaging are the hallmarks of the Logiq 5. It takes advantage of the many breakthroughs and features requisite in the GE Logiq line. This highly versatile machine is useful for a wide range of ultrasounds such as abdominal, cardiology, obstetrical, gynecological, musculoskeletal, vascular, urological, pediatric, neonatal, transcranial, breast, orthopedic, and intraoperative.

GE Logiq E9 Ultrasound Machine

The GE LOGIQ E9 ultrasound machine had design help from doctors to allow techs to focus less on keystrokes and more on patient care. GE set out to create a new ultrasound from the ground-up using the latest in computer processing, transducer, and software technology. The LOGIQ E9 produces outstanding image quality while increasing the technician’s overall efficiency. The new ergonomically correct, lightweight transducer probes give you have the most innovative ultrasound available.

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