Comparing Our Ultrasound Machines

Comparing Our Ultrasound Machines

Comparing Our Ultrasound Machines

When looking for an ultrasound machine for your clinic or hospital, it’s important to know what your needs are and what kind of machine will meet them. While ultrasound machines perform the same function, they all utilize different technologies, and some are more suitable for one application over another. Conquest Imaging has a deep lineup of ultrasound machines. We have the solutions for all of your imaging needs. No matter the size of your clinic or hospital, there is an ultrasound machine that will fit your space and needs. Contact us, and we can come up with a solution. Let’s start by comparing our ultrasound machines so you can get an idea of what’s available.

GE Logiq E9

The GE Logiq E9 ultrasound machine was designed with the help of doctors and technicians so you can focus less on the keyboard and more on the patient and their comfort. General Electric created a new ultrasound with this machine from the ground up, using the latest technology in computer processing, transducers, and software. The LOGIQ E9 produces outstanding image quality while increasing the efficiency of the technician. Combine that with the new ergonomic, lightweight transducer, and you have a premium, innovative ultrasound machine.

GE Logiq P5

The GE Logiq P5 ultrasound machine is completely portable and very compact. It has many of the same capabilities as the more expensive models but is more maneuverable and half the size. It doesn’t take up as much space as the others, making it ideal for private practice as well as smaller clinics and hospitals. Even though it’s small, the P5 still offers the same features and quality of a larger system. It’s very user-friendly, easy to learn, and about half the size of traditional console-based systems, which means you can take it wherever the patient is.

Philips CX50

The Philips CX50 is a revolutionary advancement in portable imaging. It comes equipped with easy and quick ways to produce a quality image. Not only is it portable, it can also be mounted in a variety of places. Physicians and imaging technicians can mount it in a patient’s room, on a hand cart, or carry it from exam room to exam room. It is truly one of the most versatile, portable machines on the market. The durable CX50 ultrasound machine offers migration of the iE33 xMatrix system, premium stress echo imaging, and live 3D TEE and EchoNavigator technology.

Philips EPIQ 7

The Philips EPIQ 7 ultrasound machine is somewhere between portable and a full-size machine. Its smaller size makes it easy to store on a movable cart or tabletop. Despite its size, it has the most powerful architecture in ultrasound imaging. It possesses the highest image quality, color sensitivity, and supported features, including 4D, SonoCT, and XRES. This platform runs the new xMATRIX transducer probes for truly exquisite images. Its best suited for OB, breast, musculoskeletal, radiology, urology, vascular, and cardiology applications.

Philips iE33

The Philips iE33 ultrasound machine is a premium echocardiography system and one of the most dependable on the market. It is capable of producing impeccable image quality in both 2D and 3D. The image quality on the monitor makes diagnosing patients easy. The superior data management and quantification tools allow the clinician to produce an easier analysis of cardiac structures, flow, and function. You won’t find a better cardiac or vascular ultrasound machine on the market.

Philips iU22

The Philips iU22 ultrasound machine incorporates the revolutionary xMATRIX technology. xMATRIX removes the difficulties of adding 3D imaging to any exam. This ultrasound machine can perform 2D and 3D volume imaging with ease. The one-button imaging capabilities of this machine make focusing on the patient easier. The one-button volume imaging allows for increased available information with added tissue definition and reduced examination time. The powerful images are ideal for cardiac, musculoskeletal, obstetrical, gynecological, pediatric, radiology, shared service, urology, and vascular examinations.

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