Characteristics of a Good Ultrasound Technician

Characteristics of a Good Ultrasound Technician

Characteristics of a Good Ultrasound Technician

Medical sonography is becoming more important in the medical field, and highly trained, quality sonographers are in demand. Sonographers, or ultrasound technicians, have an important role in patient care and diagnostics. Ultrasound exams are important diagnostic tools that doctors use to check on patients. The process is non-invasive and pain-free, making it a preferred tool by patients and doctors. An ultrasound is useful in finding tumors, bone fractures, birth defects in babies, and a host of other medical conditions. Sonographers possess a combination of interpersonal skills, listening skills, and education that helps them do their job effectively. Here are the characteristics of a good ultrasound technician.

Compassion and Interpersonal Skills

Ultrasound technicians meet with a variety of patients from many different backgrounds and various age groups. They need to have a good bedside manner and strong communication skills. The best characteristics of a good ultrasound technician are interpersonal. They must be ready to explain complicated medical terms and procedures to patients and deliver bad news, all in the same day. Sonographers don’t have to be the life of the party, but they do need to speak clearly and with confidence.

Technical Skills

An ultrasound machine is a highly advanced and technical machine. Sonographers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the machine. A certain level of technical know-how is needed to do this correctly. The machines are designed for ease of use, but a good sonographer will know how to fix problems and complete minor adjustments. Monthly maintenance is available with most machines, but technicians can’t shut the machine down every time a minor problem happens.

Good Eye for Details

Ultrasound technicians aren’t doctors or nurses, but they need to have a basic understanding of biology and the human body and have a good eye for details. They must be able to communicate findings with doctors and nurses, as well as any concerns they might have. Glossing over or forgetting any details from an exam could lead the doctor to miss something important or misdiagnose a patient. There is no detail too small when talking about patient health—every little detail matters.

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