Consult with Ultrasound Specialists

With so many options available in the world of ultrasound imaging machines, it can be hard to know where to start or what to aim for. Budget is a concern but so are your facility’s intended uses for the sonography machines. There’s no universal answer—it all depends on your present and future needs. MXR employs experienced ultrasound consultants and specialists that can help you plan the best, most cost-effective, or forward-thinking solution to your planned expansions.

Which Imaging Devices Will You Need?

You’ll have help dealing with some of the toughest issues you’ll encounter, such as which ultrasound devices to choose for your facility. There are numerous top-of-the-line ultrasound machines out there on the market—each with different imaging capabilities. Some ultrasound machines are better suited for imaging cardiac, obstetrical, vascular, or radiological structures. Our ultrasound consultants will ensure that you are not stuck reading through ultrasound machine product manuals to determine which is best for you.

Planning Ahead

Our ultrasound specialists can also help you answer the question of whether you should make use of a full-size ultrasound machine or consider something infinitely more portable. Portable ultrasound machines, while limiting in some respects, may be worth it considering the fast and easy depot repair options available for any maintenance they eventually require.

Ultrasound Consultant Services

We take a purely consultative approach—we are not trying to sell one particular manufacturer’s ultrasound machines—we sell across multiple producers. Our mission is to help you through the decision process toward a completely unbiased solution that meets the very specific needs of your practice.

Our ultrasound specialists are there for more than product suggestions. Whether you’re replacing an older unit, planning to provide a department with additional machines, or building out an entire imaging department, we can help you chart the best path forward. Give us a call today—we’re ready to help.

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