Because our roots are in ultrasound service, we understand the urgency and know that our exceptional 24/7 support comes down to three things:

    1. First, the expertise to quickly solve the problem
    2. Second, the people and resources to respond immediately
    3. Third, no annoying telephone automated menus

When you call us, you reach a dedicated technical support engineer, whose role at Conquest Imaging is to focus on your needs, answer your questions and make sure you are completely satisfied with our support.
Customers know that when a technical issue arises with their ultrasound systems, peripherals or probes, we are a fast phone call away with 24/7 expert support to help troubleshoot the problem or arrange for an onsite service engineer, a replacement part or an overnight hero kit. Our expansive Technology and Logistics facility is fully stocked with the essential ultrasound products commonly needed. Our technology engineers are trained to ensure every system, part, probe and peripheral Conquest Imaging carries goes through our Quality Assurance 360º process for evaluation, repair, reconditioning and test. And our customer service team is trained to ensure we ship the right part, the first time and you are up-and-running quickly.

The technical support team provides a pivotal link with customers and is part of the core value we deliver. Conquest Imaging’s 24/7 technical support works synergistically with our ultrasound products, service plans and training. So when we tell our customers to expect perfection, they know we can deliver on the promise—day-in and day-out.

Via phone at (866)900-9404, HIPAA compliant Facetime,  or email—24/7/365.

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