Some larger ultrasound healthcare providers consider the business case and practical need to bring ultrasound service in-house, but actually shy away from the opportunity because it is an enormous undertaking with many challenges. We have assisted many clinical engineering departments in navigating the complexities of implementation.

The business benefits and cost savings can be significant and in our experience range from 20% upwards to 40% per year. Response and repair times shorten because technical staff is internal and are prepared with the right inventory of ultrasound parts to get the ultrasound system operational quickly. Ultrasound productivity increases, as does the department’s patient satisfaction. It’s a win-win for all.

Conquest Imaging stands with you to guide the entire process, which normally spans 12 to 24 months depending on how the transition is phased because it is important to ensure minimal disruption to the department and patients. Also, some facilities need that time to exit current ultrasound OEM relationships.

From detailing the business case for management to mapping a complete plan for execution—everyone will know what to do and expect. You will understand what ultrasound parts to carry so you can maintain quick response times while keeping costs under control. We ensure best practices for documentation and accreditation are implemented and we provide comprehensive training tailored to your departmental needs. Let Conquest Imaging assist you in bringing ultrasound InHouse Development Program seamlessly and successfully.

InHouse Development Program Advantages

First, if your ultrasound facility has an internal pool of clinical engineers supporting other departments, then the staff is ready. Once they have completed Conquest Imaging’s comprehensive training, aided by our 24/7 technical support, your engineers can be just as effective as the original equipment manufacturer. More importantly, you can realize approximately a 40% overall cost savings versus the OEM’s support.

Second, enjoy the confidence that comes with hands-on support before, during and after the transition. Customers rely on our continued involvement to help navigate any changes until their department is seamlessly running on their own. Training is a key part of ensuring a seamless transition. Our educational program can take your engineering group from ultrasound basics up to advanced system troubleshooting and repair on all the major original equipment manufacturers ultrasound systems.

Third, it’s just so much more convenient when the response and logistics for resolution and repair are handled internally, making it easier on departmental schedules and minimizing disruptions.

Fourth, you are assured that records maintenance is handled in compliance with AIUM (American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine), ACR (American College of Radiology), IAC and the Joint Commission parameters. We provide the documentation and establish best practices to ensure full compliance, accountability and efficiency are achieved.

Let Conquest Imaging meet with your technical team and discuss how our InHouse Development™ program can provide these advantages to your ultrasound facility. Contact us today.


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