Why Do Ultrasound Probes Cost So Much

The purpose of this business white paper is to provide the reader an explanation of why ultrasound probes come with a high cost of ownership both in price and maintenance/repair. This paper will offer a somewhat technical explanation of how they are manufactured, as well as where the high cost of manufacturing and repair are derived from. This paper will also present those aspects of maintenance/repair that possess alternatives that can be considered by a facility to help manage costs. The purpose of this paper is strictly educational in nature and is not meant to bias the reader. Dealers, manufacturers, end-users, and those who repair probes would benefit from the contents of this paper.

The price range for ultrasound transducers can range from thousands of dollars to tens of thousands. The overall investment and cost of ownership to a healthcare organization for their ultrasound probe inventory has a high price tag. Hospitals, imaging centers as well as dealers, manufacturers, service providers, and probe repair labs are all aware of this large investment, but all may not understand where those high costs come from. In some cases, there are alternatives or protective measures that can help members of our industry guard themselves against avoidable costs, although many of these costs are currently and simply unavoidable.

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