Probe Repair Brochure

50% off First Ultrasound Probe Repair*   Recently reduced probe pricing up to 50%

From Indiana, we respond to you with the best possible solution every time–if we can fix your probe, we will.  Actually, 80% of probes we evaluate are quoted as ‘repairable’–there’s no need to purchase a costly replacement.

For our customers, MXR’s probe repair philosophy is such that if we wouldn’t use it on our own family, it’s just not good enough. When you bring your transducers to use for ultrasound probe repair, patient safety, and product reliability are our top priorities.

True Repair/Swap Option Assurance

Unlike other ultrasound probe repair vendors, we offer you either a True Repair (repairable rate of 80%) or a Swap (exchange) of your probe based on availability. With MXR The Imaging Solution Company, you have choices:
TRUE Repair – repair at a lower rate than other probe vendors using a lower-level repair. 70% of our quotes are for lower-level repairs in our Straight Repair Program
SWAP Option – exchange your probe at our competitively priced rate using our Exchange Program

We offer free probe evaluations** so send in your probe today.  What are you waiting for?


  • Multiple manufacturers: GE, Philips, Acuson/Siemens, SonoSite, Toshiba, etc.
  • Standard Probes, 3D/4D, Matrix and TEE Probes
  • Minor Repairs and Major Repairs


98.8 of our repairs do not come back – our customers are satisfied with the quality of their ultrasound transducer repair and the service they received.

Program Options:

Outright:  purchase a new or refurbished probe at a competitive price.

Exchange Program: send us your damaged probe, we’ll overnight you a replacement probe at a competitive exchange price, which can often be less than the repair price.

Loaner Repair Program: send us your probe, we’ll overnight you a loaner probe.  We assess the probe and quote the repair.  Once repaired, we send your probe back and you return the loaner within five days of receipt of the repaired probe.

Straight Repair Program: send us your probe, we assess and quote the repair.  Once repaired, we send your probe back to you.

*For new ultrasound probe repair end-user customer only.  Is not valid with TEE probe repairs.

**TEE probes excluded.

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