Our ultrasound repair services are completed at a state-of-the-art technology repair facility.

Portable Depot Repair

Our Portable Depot Repair Center provides you with a quality, cost-effective alternative to onsite ultrasound repair services for your ultrasound systems, including:

SonoSite 180, SonoSite 180 PLUS, SonoSite EDGE, SonoSite MICROMAXX, SonoSite M-OB/GYN, SonoSite M-TURBO, SonoSite S-CATH, SonoSite SonoSite S-FAST, SonoSite S-ICU, SonoSite S-MSK, SonoSite S-NERVE, SonoSite S SERIES, SonoSite TITAN, GE Logiq e, GE Logiq i, GE Logiq q, GE Vivid i, GE Vivid q, GE Voluson e, GE Voluson i, Philips CX50

Probe Repair

We use a detailed multi-step process to evaluate every probe and will provide a detailed quote explaining your repair options. Our Quality Assurance 360° program ensures the highest quality and best performance is achieved when the probe is returned to your ultrasound department.  An abridged list of our existing ultrasound probe repair capability is below.

Acuson: 3V2C, 7L3, 3V2C, 5C2, 7V3C, 15L8W, 17L5 HD, 4V1, 6C2, 6L3, 8C4, 8L5, 8V5, EC10C5, EV8C4, 4V1C, 9L4, Swiftlink Pinless, 10V4, 4C1, 4V2

ATL: C8-4V, L7-4 , L12-5, C5-2, P4-2

GE:  S4-10, MTZ 6.5, 8C, 3.5C, E8C, 7L, 12L, LA39, C358, 4C, M12L, M3S, 4C-RS, ML6-15-D, M5S-D, 11L, 9L, I12L-RS, 3S-RS, 8L-RS, 3C-RS, E8C-RS, E721, 3S, 10L, M4S, IC5-0, IC5-9H, 4C-A, SP6-12, AB2-7, IC5-9-D, 11L-D, 9L-D, C1-5-D, RIC5-9, RIC5-9W, RAB2-SL, RAB4-8P, RIC5-9H, RAB4-8L, RAB2-5, RAB4-8-RS, RIC5-9-RS, RIC5-9-D, RNA5-9-D, RAB6D, RIC6-12-D, RM6C, RAB4-8-D, RAB2-5-RS, 6T, 6TC, 6VT-D

Philips:  C6-2, L12-4, L12-3, L12-5, S5-1, S4-2, C9-5EC, S3-1, S5-2, C9-4EC, L11-3, X5-1, S12-4, S8-3, S5-1, X3-1, X7-2, C8-4V, C8-5, L15-7io, L17-5, L8-4, C5-1, C5-2, S4-1, L9-3, C9-4, C10-3V, X6-1, 21778A S7-2, 21378A T6H, X7-2t, S7-3t

Siemens:  CH4-1, CH6-2, EC9-4, PH4-1, PX4-1, VF10-5, VF13-5, VF7-3, VFX9-4, VF13-5, , CH5-2, EC9-4, P4-2, 18L6HD, 14L5, 4P1, EC9-4, EV9-4, p5-1, VF8-3, V5MS, V7M

SonoSite:  C60-/5-2, ICT/8-5, L38, C15e, C60e, L25e, L25, HFL38/13-6, L38e/10-5, C60x/5-2, HFL38x/13-6, HFL50x/15-6, ICTx/8-5, L25x/13-6, L38x/10-5, P21x/5-1, L38/10-5, L38xi/10-5

Toshiba: PLT-604AT, PLT-1204AT, PVT-661VT, PVT-375AT, PLT-1204B%, PVT-375B%, PLT-704AT, PLT-1204BX, PLT-704SBT, PVT-382BT, PLT-805AT, PLM-805AT, PLM-805AT, PVM-651VT, PLM-1204AT


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