Our repair services are completed at a state-of-the-art technology repair facility.

Portable Depot Repair

Our Portable Depot Repair Service provides you with a quality, cost-effective alternative to onsite repair for your ultrasound systems.

SonoSite 180, SonoSite 180 PLUS, SonoSite EDGE, SonoSite MICROMAXX, SonoSite M-OB/GYN, SonoSite M-TURBO, SonoSite S-CATH, SonoSite SonoSite S-FAST, SonoSite S-ICU, SonoSite S-MSK, SonoSite S-NERVE, SonoSite S SERIES, SonoSite TITAN, GE Logiq e, GE Logiq i, GE Logiq q, GE Vivid i, GE Vivid q, GE Voluson e, GE Voluson i, Philips CX50

Probe Repair

We use a detailed multi-step process to evaluate every probe, and will provide a detailed quote explaining your repair options. Our Quality Assurance 360° program ensures the highest quality and best performance is achieved when the probe is returned to your ultrasound department.  An abridged list of probe repair capability is below.

Acuson: 3V2C, 7L3, 3V2C, 5C2, 7V3C, 15L8W, 17L5 HD, 4V1, 6C2, 6L3, 8C4, 8L5, 8V5, EC10C5, EV8C4, 4V1C, 9L4, Swiftlink Pinless, 10V4, 4C1, 4V2

ATL: C8-4V, L7-4 , L12-5, C5-2, P4-2

GE:  S4-10, MTZ 6.5, 8C, 3.5C, E8C, 7L, 12L, LA39, C358, 4C, M12L, M3S, 4C-RS, ML6-15-D, M5S-D, 11L, 9L, I12L-RS, 3S-RS, 8L-RS, 3C-RS, E8C-RS, E721, 3S, 10L, M4S, IC5-0, IC5-9H, 4C-A, SP6-12, AB2-7, IC5-9-D, 11L-D, 9L-D, C1-5-D, RIC5-9, RIC5-9W, RAB2-SL, RAB4-8P, RIC5-9H, RAB4-8L, RAB2-5, RAB4-8-RS, RIC5-9-RS, RIC5-9-D, RNA5-9-D, RAB6D, RIC6-12-D, RM6C, RAB4-8-D, RAB2-5-RS, 6T, 6TC, 6VT-D

Philips:  C6-2, L12-4, L12-3, L12-5, S5-1, S4-2, C9-5EC, S3-1, S5-2, C9-4EC, L11-3, X5-1, S12-4, S8-3, S5-1, X3-1, X7-2, C8-4V, C8-5, L15-7io, L17-5, L8-4, C5-1, C5-2, S4-1, L9-3, C9-4, C10-3V, X6-1, 21778A S7-2, 21378A T6H, X7-2t, S7-3t

Siemens:  CH4-1, CH6-2, EC9-4, PH4-1, PX4-1, VF10-5, VF13-5, VF7-3, VFX9-4, VF13-5, , CH5-2, EC9-4, P4-2, 18L6HD, 14L5, 4P1, EC9-4, EV9-4, p5-1, VF8-3, V5MS, V7M

SonoSite:  C60-/5-2, ICT/8-5, L38, C15e, C60e, L25e, L25, HFL38/13-6, L38e/10-5, C60x/5-2, HFL38x/13-6, HFL50x/15-6, ICTx/8-5, L25x/13-6, L38x/10-5, P21x/5-1, L38/10-5, L38xi/10-5

Toshiba: PLT-604AT, PLT-1204AT, PVT-661VT, PVT-375AT, PLT-1204B%, PVT-375B%, PLT-704AT, PLT-1204BX, PLT-704SBT, PVT-382BT, PLT-805AT, PLM-805AT, PLM-805AT, PVM-651VT, PLM-1204AT


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