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The GE P2D is a 2D non imaging pencil CW Doppler transducer probe.


Cardiac, vascular applications and clinical exams.


GE Logiq 3, GE Logiq 3 Pro, GE Logiq 3 Expert, GE Logiq 5, GE Logiq 7, GE Logiq 7 Pro, GE Logiq P5, GE Logiq A5, GE Vivid 3, GE Vivid 3N, GE Vivid 4, GE Vivid 5, GE Vivid 7, GE Vivid 7 Pro, GE Vivid S5,GE Vivid S5N, GE Vivid S6, GE Vivid S6N ultrasound systems.


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