We’ve brought it all together in one location—the Ultrasound Training Resource Library—to make it easy for you to find just the right training material. The content here is ever evolving, but aimed with the singular purpose of helping Healthcare Technology Technicians have access to materials that expand their skills.  Take time to browse through everything. You might consider subscribing the latest Monthly Tips and Tricks of the Ultrasound Industry (subscribe at the bottom of this page), or you might want to watch one of our “How to” videos on servicing ultrasound systems.  Because we are so committed to ultrasound service training, we’re constantly revising and making additions to the Library, so please contact us for other materials you’d like to see here. Enjoy!


File Name Description Type
2018 Training Catalog Catalog of our training classes for 2018 Link
TEE Probe Care and Handling TEE transducer care instructional poster PDF
Standard Transducer Care Standard transducer care instructional poster PDF

Technical Support

File Name Description Type
Video Library Library of all technical support videos Link
First Time Fix Checklist First time Fix checklist instructional poster PDF

White Papers

File Name Description Type
ACR Ultrasound Accreditation How Does That Impact Equipment Maintenance? PDF
InService-Inhouse™ — A TurnkeySolution How to Transfer Ultrasound Service Internally & What are the Benefits? PDF

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