At Conquest Imaging, we take ultrasound service training very seriously and have dedicated a large portion of our corporate headquarters to a state-of-the-art service training facility. Our course materials and subject matter reflect the latest in technology. You will learn from a field service perspective on actual systems using hands-on instruction to solve simulated technical issues. Your interactive experience will include our digital curriculum simulcasted from our electronic white board to each student’s computer tablet, included in the cost of tuition.

Check out this year’s training schedule to see just how you can expand your ultrasound knowledge and increase your technical service skills.

Ultrasound Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp program is designed to help both new and experienced biomed professionals develop a comprehensive knowledge of preventative maintenance skills which they master for various platforms and equipment. This program covers a full week of training, beginning with Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance, and Multi-Vendor DICOM, followed by advanced training on the GE Logiq E9, Vivid E9, Philips iU22, AND iE33 platforms.

Acuson/Siemens Systems

Participants are given in-depth instruction and hands-on experience covering the technology, system design, operation and troubleshooting methodologies for each ultrasound system. They will leave with a full understanding of how to provide effective and efficient service for Siemens/Acuson systems.

Toshiba Systems

This course will help participants fully understand how to provide optimum ultrasound service for Toshiba Apolio systems. Attendees will complete in-depth studies of the technology, system design, operation and troubleshooting methodologies for these machines.

GE Systems

This course covers the technology, system design, operation and troubleshooting methodologies for GE’s system such as Vivid E9, Logiq E9, Voluson 730, Voluson E8.

Philips Systems

For each ultrasound system, participants will study the technology, system design, operation and troubleshooting methodologies in order to fully understand how to provide the best possible service for the Philips EPIQ, and iU22/iE33 systems.

Personalized Training Available

We can customize training programs specific to your needs and deliver at our training center in California. We also offer “On the Spot” class at any location you choose. Either way, you direct the curriculum around what matters most to you.


For every paid student*, Conquest Imaging provides a digital tablet with the lesson plan installed along with Instant Messenger™ for parts orders, and Skype™ for follow up Technical Support.

*Digital tablets are available to scholarship students at a nominal fee to cover the cost of the hardware.  

For more information about training curriculum, pricing for individuals and groups, or customized programs for your team, please contact us today at 866-900-9404 or



From the ultrasound basics to advance troubleshooting, and even useful tips and tricks, Conquest Imaging provides a complete curriculum that will suit your training needs and enhance your ultrasound skills.


Sign up and get ready for a thorough education in our dedicated facility.

Resource Library

All our educational materials are available for download in one easy location.

CMIA Scholarship

For CMIA members, Conquest Imaging sponsors attendance for one member in each of its classes at no cost.

2018 Training Calendar

All of our upcoming training classes for 2018.

2018 Training Catalog

Review our Training Catalog on courses, training packages and discounts.

Bulk Seat Purchases

Pre-purchase 5,10,15 seats at a discount of up to 60%. Transferable between students within the same organization. Please call for details.

50% off Classroom Training for all VA Employees, Veterans and Active Duty Service Members


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