We believe that if you’re going to take the time to attend our service training program, then we want your experience to be all-encompassing. From the Basics of Ultrasound, to learning DICOM Standards and, from completing a Preventative Maintenance evaluation to experiencing advanced troubleshooting of various ultrasound platforms—you will learn it all, from the front end to the back end of an ultrasound system. On site training available upon request.

For every paid student*, Conquest Imaging provides a digital tablet with the lesson plan installed along with Instant Messenger™ for parts orders, and Skype™ for follow up Technical Support.

*Digital tablets are available to scholarship students at a nominal fee to cover the cost of the hardware.

Ultrasound Basics

Multivendor Accreditation Compliant PM/DICOM

NFPA 99 Electrical Testing

Crash Course

OEM Platforms

This program features didactic classroom sessions as well as hands-on ultrasound system work to practice solving real troubleshooting scenarios. Individual classes are dedicated to a particular OEM’s ultrasound system, so sufficient time is available to really get into the details you need to know.

Acuson/Siemens Systems




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