Conquest Imaging is dedicated to making service training opportunities easily available for Healthcare Technology Technicians. To that end, we sponsor an annual education scholarship program with California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) and have done so for the past 10 years.

For CMIA members, Conquest Imaging sponsors attendance for one CMIA member in each of its classes at no cost. Interested CMIA members should submit an application for the Conquest Imaging Education Scholarship directly on the CMIA website. Specific instructions will guide the CMIA member how to apply for the scholarship and form submission is made directly to CMIA’s If you are selected to attend, Conquest Imaging’s education coordinator will contact you to confirm the training, date and logistics. Download Conquest Imaging’s annual Education Calendar and review the class schedule.

This is an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge and service skills at the industry’s leading ultrasound school, so Conquest Imaging encourages every CMIA member to take advantage of this opportunity and apply today.

As part of Conquest Imaging’s ongoing commitment to education, we encourage inquiries from other biomedical associations about arranging a scholarship program for their members. Contact us today to discuss further.

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