Migrating ultrasound service in-house: fatal error

Several years ago, we developed and began delivering a presentation on the advantages, mechanics and pitfalls of migrating ultrasound service from the OEM to in-house … Read more

Care of Ultrasound Transducers

This month we are going to examine the care of transducers/probes/scan heads. There are many different manufacturers of transducers today, even within a single manufacturer … Read more

Have a plan to proactively manage ultrasound probe maintenance

Ultrasound probe failures always seem to happen at the most inopportune time, causing significant impact. From lost departmental revenue to patient care disruption, and often … Read more

Noisy ultrasound images

Some of the most frequent and difficult technical support calls we receive at Conquest Imaging are related to noise in images. Noise can appear in … Read more

Proactive ultrasound system purchasing

In today’s environment more than ever, it is critical that biomedical/clinical engineering departments be involved in the purchasing process for new ultrasound systems. As more … Read more

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