Migrating Ultrasound Service In-House: Fatal Error

Several years ago, we developed and began delivering a presentation on the advantages, mechanics, and pitfalls of migrating ultrasound service from the OEM to in-house … Read more

Is Price the Only Difference?

Ultrasound replacement parts are available form a wide variety of sources and can vary in cost by as much as 15-20% but is price the … Read more

Learning to Drive

This column is typically dedicated to the technical aspects of ultrasound service and support but we have only briefly touched on an almost equally important … Read more

Got Support?

“No Man Is an Island” is the title of a poem written more than 500 years ago by poet John Donn, but it describes what … Read more

Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance

Ultrasound preventative maintenance sounds like a very basic topic to cover. However, throughout my travels, I have seen many PMs performed or examined systems post-PM … Read more

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