Is Price the Only Difference?

Ultrasound replacement parts are available form a wide variety of sources and can vary in cost by as much as 15-20% but is price the … Read more

Learning to Drive

This column is typically dedicated to the technical aspects of ultrasound service and support but we have only briefly touched on an almost equally important … Read more

Got Support?

“No Man Is an Island” is the title of a poem written more than 500 years ago by poet John Donn, but it describes what … Read more

Ultrasound Preventative Maintenance

Ultrasound preventative maintenance sounds like a very basic topic to cover. However, throughout my travels, I have seen many PMs performed or examined systems post-PM … Read more

Ways to Save Money on Ultrasound Maintenance

There are many ways to save money when it comes to ultrasound systems. These include being proactive before, during and after the purchase. In the … Read more

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