Servicing GE Ultrasound Systems

GE currently manufactures well over a dozen ultrasound systems to fit nearly every market and price point imaginable and occupy top billing in some of … Read more

Ultrasound Service Inequality

Just this morning I was discussing a potential client with a team member who stated a prospective customer was currently being serviced by an organization … Read more

Migrating Ultrasound Service In-House: How Clinical Engineering Needs to Prepare Technically

Several years ago, we developed and began delivering a program on the advantages, mechanics, and pitfalls of migrating ultrasound service from the OEM to in-house … Read more

Migrating Ultrasound Service In-House

Migrating ultrasound service in-house is a current trend in the HTM industry and makes sense for a variety of reasons. We developed a program called … Read more

Ultrasound Software Issues

When I began servicing ultrasound systems, software was not loaded onto hard drives but burned onto EPROMS so software did not become corrupt and when … Read more

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