Blood Damaged Ultrasound Machine - Repairing the Unrepairable

Many times the accomplishments of the HTM go unsung. Being a member of the unsung hero club, Erasmo Sanchez was asked to write a few … Read more

What to Look for in Ultrasound Repair Service

It’s never good when a machine breaks down. Especially when it’s an ultrasound machine that patients depend on. An ultrasound that isn’t working properly can … Read more

Predict and Prepare Part I

Being a Cub Scout and then Boy Scout, I was always taught to “be prepared.” When customer satisfaction, revenue and, most importantly, patient outcomes are … Read more

Predict and Prepare, Part II

Last month’s column discussed how to mitigate downtime and repair costs by predicting and preparing. This month, I would like to apply the principle to … Read more

Is Your First-Time-Fix Rate Destroying Your Credibility?

Regardless of whether your company repairs tractor tires or nuclear reactors, you want to keep this number high to inspire customer confidence and stay profitable. … Read more

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