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Troubleshooting for Video Cards in the Philips iU22/iE33

By: Luke Lao, Medical Equipment Technician  Download PDF here Many technologists and sonographers become frustrated when turning on their systems to find there is no … Read more

Tips and Tricks: May 2017

Dial your skill level up to the Max!! Conquest Imaging joins AAMI in celebrating HTM Technology Management Week. AAMI and Conquest Imaging Celebrate HTM Week! … Read more

AAMI 2017-Complimentary Expo Pass

Come to the AAMI 2017 Expo, June 9-12 in Austin, TX to discover new technologies that can improve your facility’s healthcare delivery and increase your … Read more

Proper Care and Handling of Tee Probes

By Jim Rickner, Global Training Director Download PDF here While travelling from hospital to hospital, there seems to be a common theme … How can … Read more

Ghosting a Drive- Reduce your Downtime

By Mike Davis,Technical Support Specialist Download PDF here One of the most critical points of your ultrasound system is the hard drive. After all, the … Read more

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