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Using a Laptop as an Ultrasound Support and Diagnostic Tool

I am currently flying over Texas on my way to the MD Expo in Washington, DC to not only exhibit but to present a class … Read more

Is Price the Only Difference?

Ultrasound replacement parts are available form a wide variety of sources and can vary in cost by as much as 15-20% but is price the … Read more

How to Field Test Ultrasound Transducers

At Conquest, we often get questions regarding testing of transducers in the field; specifically how to perform testing of transducer lenses, arrays, cables, connectors and … Read more

Brake Adjustment on GE Logiq 9 & Vivid 7 Systems

A common problem with the GE Logiq 9 and Vivid 7 systems are brake malfunctions. ┬áThis makes the system difficult to transport and results in … Read more

GE Logiq 9 - Poor Grounding Issue

On the GE Logiq 9 systems, there is a very common problem that manifests itself as vertical lines of color when in color Doppler and … Read more

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