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How to Read an Ultrasound Picture

To the untrained eye, an image from an ultrasound looks like a Rorschach puzzle, open for interpretation. “Ultrasound” and “sonogram” are two words that many … Read more

Ultrasound System Failure Modes

Even though an ultrasound machine is a highly technical and superbly engineered piece of equipment, it’s still a machine, and machines break. It’s a fact … Read more

MXR COVID-19 Related Disinfection Damage Technical Alert Bulletins

Three Technical Alert Bulletins were issued in the month of September by MXR Ultrasound Division. All three bulletins were written by MXR repair engineers and … Read more

Different Types of Ultrasounds for Saving Lives

Since the invention of the ultrasound, or sonogram, in the middle of the twentieth century, it has been closely associated with pregnancy. The first thing … Read more

HELP! My Images Won't Send to the Server

Author:  Mike Davis, Technical Support Specialist, Conquest Imaging At least once a week I am asked to resolve an issue where an ultrasound system will … Read more

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