Always Have System Backups

ALWAYS have at least 2 contemporary backups for each of your systems. Having these can and will save you and your customer hours of unnecessary … Read more

Ultrasound Service Preventative Maintenance Standards

TechNation BioMed Magazine  – In this article, ultrasound preventative maintenance standards and intervals will be addressed. This may seem like a straight-forward topic but, as you will … Read more

Know the Difference Between a Used Ultrasound Part and a Reconditionined Ultrasound Part

Fact: Do you know the difference between a used ultrasound part and a reconditioned ultrasound part? Many think they are alike, but that is not true—they are very … Read more

Bringing Service Inside is the Perfect Solution to Lower Costs and Increase Productivity

Fact: Did you know that virtually all of all service calls can be managed by the onsite Healthcare Technology Technician? It’s true. It’s also the … Read more

Sequoia Network

Loss of network communication or structured reports on Sequoia systems is very common. This problem can be easily fixed by reloading the customer’s configuration file … Read more

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