Ultrasound Training - Theory or Practical

In today‚Äôs environment, more organizations than ever are performing their own ultrasound service and maintenance. There are many training programs available in the industry that … Read more

Identifying the Correct Ultrasound Parts

Identifying the correct parts for your ultrasound system is critical for timely and effective repairs. With the rapid advancement in technology in the ultrasound world, … Read more

Using a laptop as an ultrasound support and diagnostic tool

I am currently flying over Texas on my way to the MD Expo in Washington, D.C., to not only exhibit but to present a class … Read more

A sharper ultrasound image

Image quality is one of the most difficult issues to resolve when it comes to ultrasound. Many variables go into creating and fine-tuning an image, … Read more

Migrating ultrasound service in-house: fatal error

Several years ago, we developed and began delivering a presentation on the advantages, mechanics and pitfalls of migrating ultrasound service from the OEM to in-house … Read more

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