8 Great Reasons HTM Professionals Should Attend The Dallas MD Expo this April

Spring is coming, and it’s again time to start thinking about which networking events you would like to attend this year. I would suggest MD … Read more

Conquest Imaging Offers Free VIP Passes at ICE, Chicago

Conquest Imaging is sponsoring VIP passes to any interested hospital Biomeds who wish to attend the upcoming Imaging Conference and Expo in Chicago. The VIP … Read more

Preventative maintenance and ACR accreditation changes

Preventative Maintenance and regular quality control are the cornerstones of maintaining consistent, safe and reliable ultrasound equipment. Recently, there have been changes to the standards … Read more

Conquest Imaging keeps medical gear healthy

Conquest Imaging in Stockton is in the business of reconditioning and reselling parts for medical ultrasound equipment, servicing that equipment and sharing their technical expertise … Read more

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